Profile of AOIL

AOIL is a registered, non profit making body and aims to serve as a common platform for laboratories.

These laboratories are being managed by all sectors of economy such as Public, Private and the Central and State Government Authorities. These Laboratories are contributing in following ways by providing their services.

    • Industry and Infra-structure sector
    • Safeguarding interest of consumer
    • In Protection and Monitoring of the health of Public through Medical Laboratories
    • In generating relevant information on environmental safety, health & toxicity
    • To assist the authority,┬áby supporting criminal justice system related activities, as the forensic science laboratories, customs and excise laboratories etc.

Since there was no organized platform for the laboratories where they could share their experience and the problems, the Association of Indian Laboratories (AOIL) has been formed and registered, (Registration No: HR 018201401605), as a non profit making body. In the formation of association, the laboratories from more than 10 states have joined hands.

Association aims to serve the cause of thousands of laboratories, small and big scattered around the country, involving the scientists, engineers and technicians as their work force. Association aims to enhance the excellence and achievement of laboratories besides providing the opportunity to scientific community to share scientific and technical issues.