If You Are Looking For A Great Shopping Center For Your Home Or Business In Houston, You Should C …

CityCenter is a retail/office complex located in the southwest corner of the intersection of IH-10 and Beltway 8, within the Memorial City district in Houston, Texas.

The center features five floor levels which include parking, a food court, indoor play area, a children’s playground, an entertainment area, and a clubhouse. On the ground level you will find a huge array of retail stores to choose from including many clothing retailers, furniture retailers, electronics stores, and department stores. The second floor also features a large amount of parking, an ATM machine, and a Starbucks Coffee House.

The third floor of the CityCenters Shopping Center is home to two restaurants, The Yard House Houston, and The CityCentres Restaurant and Tap House.The fourth floor 800 Town and Country Blvd houses over a hundred storefronts including a medical office.The fifth floor contains twelve movie grill storefronts but is the only one that has an attached restaurant.

The fourth floor of the Yard House Houston features a large amount of parking. The fifth floor is home to two restaurants that is also home to a small bar and two restrooms. The main entrance to the center consists of a large building with four large doors that lead to a concrete patio and sidewalk with a number of flagstone walkways that are open to the exterior.

The second floor of the CityCenters Shopping Center has the Houston actual dining room which is open to the exterior. This is the only portion of the building that does not contain an entrance on the first floor. The third floor contains two restaurants and the main entrance that lead to the third floor. The second floor of the building is open to the exterior, but has a smaller door leading to a second parking garage which is located behind the building.

There are many other shopping centers that are located in downtown Houston. Some of these centers include the Galleria Mall, the H-E-B Galleria, and the Westchase Mall among many others. These shopping centers are all part of the Memorial City and are all feature retail shops and businesses, which range from specialty clothing and accessories stores to department stores, restaurants, and night clubs.Texas to entertainment venues.

The shopping center is located close to the downtown Houston area. It is located along Main Street and is a great place for people who want to shop. Many people love to travel by bus, car, and the light rail which go directly through the center.

The center features three stores which include the mall’s parking garage. The mall is located at the corner of Main Street. The Galleria Mall features over seventy five hundred retail shops which feature a huge array of apparel, food, groceries, and toys. The H-E-B Galleria is a five-story supercenter featuring grocery stores, clothing stores, and a variety of restaurant and concession stands

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If You Are Looking For A Great Shopping Center For Your Home Or Business In Houston, You Should C ...